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We are here to help you interpret your dreams when you want to know the truth about the meaning of a dream that you have dreamed

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You are in the occult, spirituality and mystical website where the rules and logical things are not used here. About the interpretation, prophecy, conjecture or prediction, you know that and we know that it doesn't provide accurate information.

The meaning of dream about All Dream Interpretation


The dream is a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep. imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake then trying to understanding that dreams experience.

Every dream has a different meaning and symbol even you have the same dream depending to who is the dreamcather, when to dream it and how it happens. Men, women, day dreaming, nocturnal dreams as well as the places, all bring their own meaning.

How we interpret the dream?

When we interpret the meaning of dreams, we use various analyses from many people who had dreamed something and as person who knew what they'd get next days to their lives after experience a dreams. All information is summarized as our version of dream dictionary or dream bible.

It's not true if you believe in our interpretation of dreams also it is not right if you think this is something words that can be used as a sign or clue. But it may be used by you as a comparison with another interpretation, so that you can draw conclusions about what usually happens next days if someone had dreamed something.

An expert says, even if it is just a prophecy, sometimes it can be affected to a person's feelings or mood, but generally the forecast will make one to act more vigilant and more careful, especially if the dream interpretation he gets is related to unwanted things.

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